About WLKS Sunglasses

About WLKS Sunglasses

Premium Sunglasses in 2020 from San Diego


WLKS ® was founded by Austin Wilkes, who grew up enjoying an active lifestyle of sports, skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding in Southern California.  Passionate about custom, on-trend sunglasses with sleek, fresh designs, Austin wanted to make a difference by creating high quality, impact-resistant eyewear.  Early on his dream was to create these sunglasses from premium eco-friendly and recyclable materials that would not contribute to plastic pollution in our oceans.

 Your shades should make a statement about who you are, your values and the adventures you seek.  At WLKS we seek to create eco-friendly and recyclable frames that provide 100% UVA/UVB protection at an affordable cost while still reflecting your individual style.  We are forging a new path in eyewear for this generation of people with active lifestyles while bringing attention to the environment and the importance of cleaning up our oceans.

My Story

Eco-friendly and durable trendy sunglasses


The inspiration for WLKS began in Southern California where it’s impossible to live without a dependable pair of shades.  My obsession with sports started when I was young and continued through high school.  When I wasn’t out on baseball fields was active in skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding.  Sunglasses were a must-have for all these.  Unfortunately, I found cheap sunglasses were not a huge help.  So the solution must be to buy brand-name designer shades, right?  So I saved my money and invested in what I thought would be lasting fashionable eyewear.  With each new pair, I became more and more disappointed by the lack of value, quality, and durability.  Very quickly I realized I was just paying for the name.

At the age of 17 starting a sunglasses business was just a thought and didn’t know where to start.  I was pursuing a career in the medical field and knew I couldn’t do it forever. I researched how to start a business so I just starting putting WLKS together through trial and error. After graduating college I was working full time in the medical field while creating WLKS trying to do something I was truly passionate about.

Our Values

Sustainable and Durable Eyewear


At WLKS we value quality. We produce sunglasses out of the same high-quality premium materials that that high-end eyewear companies use. We know by using the best materials and stainless steel five barrel hinges along with shatter-resistant lenses, our sunglasses will stand the test of time and an active lifestyle.

We value style and self-expression. You have a right to look your best with our fashionable on-trend designs while on your journey to living life to the fullest. At WLKS our unisex frames are designed to be worn comfortably by both men and women.

We understand the importance of getting value for your dollar. Why pay designer prices for a “name”? Where is the value in that? With WLKS, you can get quality, style, protection, and comfort for a fraction of the price.

We value sustainability and the environment. ​Our high-quality M49 Mazzuchelli frames are made of wood pulp and cotton fibers which makes them 100% ecofriendly. In addition, WLKS hosts monthly beach cleanups to help spread awareness of how plastic pollution is bad for our planet.

Our Mission

High Quality Brand Name


Our mission at WLKS is to create high-quality products while spreading awareness about plastic pollution. Inspired by the natural beauty of California and concern for our environment, our sunglasses are designed and crafted out of M49 Mazzucchelli.

Frustrated by the high prices of the eyewear industry WLKS is designing affordable, fashion-forward sunglasses.  We are leading the industry with a focus on crafting our frames from eco-friendly and recyclable materials while maintaining durability for an active lifestyle.

Our Vision

Best Men & Women’s Sunglasses


Moving forward, WLKS is looking to make a significant impact in the eyewear industry by expanding our selection of frame designs and continuing to use recyclable materials.  We will continue taking a stand to clean up our oceans and beaches.  As we grow, our line of affordable, on-trend unisex sunglasses, we will be adding a line of California inspired casual apparel.  The beauty of Southern California contrasted with unique cityscape photography on quality apparel will add value and style to your beach and hiking adventures right along with your sunglasses.   We haven’t forgotten about skiers and snowboarders either as we expand into a line of premium quality goggles that are sure to be a hit.

Join us on our journey and you’ll be rewarded with the quality, value, and fashion for the active lifestyle you’ve always wanted.